Skip a Latte Wednesday

18 Jan

We’re coming back to my series that I did a whole ONE of so many years ago!  It really is exciting to give you information on organizations that could use your $5.00 more than the coffee shop on your Wednesday morning.  planned-parenthood

This week is an organization that provided most of my health care while I was not covered by insurance.  That organization is Planned Parenthood.  They helped me find discounted lady’s wellness visits, cure my strep throat, educated me on new forms of birth control that existed since I’d initially learned about it in high school, and just generally helped me to remember the maxim that you should never, ever Google your symptoms when most appointments with their nurse practitioners can be acquired on the same day.

I am a woman who has never found herself in reproductive crisis.  I am a woman who has found herself in financial situations where I’m certain I would’ve let continue longer than they did had I not had a place where I could go that asked me, “what can you afford to pay for your visit today?”

Planned Parenthood is an important, established people’s health clinic.  Giving money via their website here will ensure it gets distributed nationwide.  To give to your local branch, simply go into the office and ask them if you can make a donation.  Minimum one time or monthly gift is $5.00.  Consider doing so and skipping that overpriced coffee today!


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