Letters From a Piglet is inspired by a mix tape (yes, tape) received from a good friend many years ago.  The tape, of course was Letters to a Piglet, but perhaps it’s time for me to write back.

In looking at my life as part of that “end of the year/beginning of the year” reflection process, I realized that one thing I really missed was writing with some sort of frequency.  So here you have it: a (hopefully) twice a week blog with my writing.  What will I write?  Well, I guess we’ll just have to see.

I am a lot like that mix tape sent so many years ago: an eclectic blend of fast, slow, comedy, and poignant words put together into one splendid tape.

I am a person of faith who endeavors to become more like Christ and less like a rulebook.  I have opinions and thoughts about a myriad of things.  My conservative friends accuse me of being too liberal, and my liberal friends accuse me of being too conservative.  It seems to me that labels really shouldn’t concern us, but rather sharing what’s on our hearts and in our minds, and hearing the thoughts from others’ hearts and minds.

So, yes, let’s see where this adventure takes us, shall we?

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