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How Do I Fold This Note Again?

1 Jan
These Boots Were Made for Travel

My dearest new reader,

Welcome.  I don’t claim to be the best at everything.  Nor do I claim to be that blogger that you’d read all the time if I blogged.  I was never really good at passing notes back in elementary.  I could never master the complicated art of note passing origami.

When you start a blog around these parts, they tell you that it’s best to have a focus.  And I do have a focus: I like to make things. The photo shows custom boots I created for a trip last year for a roller derby tournament.  One should always create something new when exploring new places.

It’s always fun to make something new.  Or to see things be made new.  I shall enjoy writing to you about many things, and frequently, as that “dial it up to 2011” resolution is to pass you a note twice a week.

What will I make?  Well, new friend, I will make groups of words.  Sometimes those words will be my opinions on life, on faith, on my pending international move, or my thoughts once I am there.  Sometimes those words will simply be said with a photo.  I hope you’ll come with me, comment as often as you’d like, and have fantastic shoes along the way!